GCFP Programs Emergency Boxes

Emergency Food

Making sure food is close at hand for those in need.

“Emergency Food is a fantastic idea.  We can help local residents as well as others passing through town.” 

Captain Chris Wilson

Gunnison Police Department

GCFP Emergency Food Boxes – providing help where it’s needed


Gunnison Country Food Pantry has stocked Emergency Boxes at locations across the Gunnison Valley.

Emergency Boxes come in individual and family size and provide enough food for three days, with minimal cooking necessary to prepare items. When you are down on your luck, and hunger strikes, you can be in an emergency situation if you cannot access food. The Pantry is here to help! Boxes are located at community service locations where someone seeking help would likely visit. Those seeking help could be a community member or someone just passing through.

Call (970) 641-4156 to be an Emergency Box location.


Emergency Food Box Locations:

  • Gunnison County Depart. of Health & Human Services 
  • Gunnison County Senior Resources 
  • Gunnison County Juvenile Services 
  • Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office 
  • Gunnison Police Department 
  • Gunnison County Detention Center 
  • Colorado Workforce Center 
  • Center for Mental Health 
  • Six Points Evaluation and Training 
  • Lighthouse Pregnancy Center 
  • Project Hope of Gunnison Valley 
  • Gunnison Visitors Center 
  • Bethany Baptist Church 
  • Community Church of Gunnison 
  • Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries 
  • St. Peter’s Catholic Church
  • Gunnison Congregational Church
  • En Iglesia Manuel Church
  • Marble Community Church 
  • Gunnison High School 
  • Gunnison County Public Library
  • Crested Butte Visitors Center 
  • Crested Butte Library 
  • CBMR Employment Office 
  • Crested Butte Marshall’s Office 
  • Mt. Crested Butte Police Department
  • Law Enforcement Victims Assistance
  • Gunnison Valley Hospital
  • St. Mary’s Garage
  • Silver Plume General Store
  • Greater Somerset Food Pantry