Young child looking into a grocery bin with interest.

Food For Children

Healthy Snacks, Mini-Pantries, and Gunni-Packs

Feeding Bodies, Fueling Minds


Gunni-Packs: Contain six servings of meals, six snacks, and one drink and are delivered weekly to children’s homes on Friday morning. Have a child you want to sign up?  There are two sessions throughout the year: summer (June-August) and school year (September-May). Call (970) 641-4156 and talk to a staff member to learn more. Gunni-Pack deliveries are first come first and are capped at 50 kids.

This program is brought to you in partnership with Bethany Baptist Church who helps financially support this program and supplies volunteers to help pack Gunni-Packs weekly!

*This program is supported by the EpicPromise Foundation.

Mini-Pantries in Schools: Located in every school in Gunnison Watershed School District serve as a resource for emergency food, to eat immediately, or to take home. Children work with a trusted adult at the school to access the Pantry.

*This program is supported by the EpicPromise Foundation.

Healthy Snacks: Every month over 2,000 Healthy Snacks are distributed to Gunnison Watershed School District, Crested Butte Community School, and the Gunnison Public Library for classrooms and after school programming. Additionally, snack bags are available for families during No Cost Grocery Distribution.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

A group of young children taking a tour of the Pantry.