GCFP Donations

Thank You Donors!

You make a big difference in our community!

“God bless you. 

Food Pantry Recipient

Thank You Donors

On behalf of our Board and our volunteers, we would like to thank the many generous contributors to Gunnison Country Food Pantry.   We could not operate without your support!  Thank you for recognizing that our Pantry is an important component of our community.  We assure all of our donors that we are wise stewards with every dollar donated and every donation of food provided on behalf of those facing hunger in Gunnison County.

See our Donation page for information on how to donate to Gunnison Country Food Pantry.


Great thanks to GCFP 2021 Donors

2021 Financial Donors

Colorado Dept. of Health and Human Services

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

Andrew Shekas

Gary and Karen Shondeck

Vail Resorts Charitable Fund

Gunnison Church of Christ

City of Gunnison

Many Anonymous Donors

Patricia and Martin Moore

Kathy Norgard

Anne Michel

Folding for Food

Harris McIntosh Jr.

Nick Waser and Mary Price

Jack E. Blake

Town of Mt. Crested Butte

Gunnison Home Association

Crested Butte Investments

Western Student Government Association

Gunnison County

Susan Christenson

Town of Crested Butte

Courtenay and Tom Murphy

Art Hayes

Community School of Crested Butte National Honor Society

Susan Maclean

Charles and Sherryl Peterson

Katalin Wolff

Tamara Williams

Teresa Anderson

City Market Store 419

Doug Bradbury

Michael D Wilson

Mike Wilson

Robin Baade

Steven Schechter and Lyda Hardy

St Peter’s Catholic Church

Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries

Jones for Colorado

Ellen Harriman

PEO GY Chapter

Jennifer Jeffery

Eva Thurmond

The Denver Foundation

Elizabeth Vachon

John and Christy Murchison

Ronald T. Goering and Imogene M. Bessett

Benjamin Paradee

Meredith McManus

William Hamilton

Cini Jackson

Rotary Club of Gunnison

John and Kathleen Felix

Cecilia and Tom Eager

Kristi Acuff

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Lois and Wayne Oldham

John and Mary Lavelle

Lynette and Tyler Richardson

Rachel Meissner

Ethel Rice

Jerome Arthur Denton

Alexander Kwiatkowski

Marla and Greg Larson

Benita and Wes Bellamy

Michael Benedict

Vincent and Joanne Rogalski

Donna Rozman

Mike and Stacey Shafer

Patrick and Marnie Medina

Ian and Kimberley Wrisley

Catherine Wilkens

Allen Stork and Judy Junkman

Howard Cline

Tracy and Lana Leonard

Candi Borah

Philip Berggren

David Musto

Cathie Pagano

Andie Holman


Gunnison County Farm Bureau

Clark Family Fund

Stephen Meldrum

Mark and Peggy High

Gustav Maikish

Gunnison Savings and Loan

Pam and Pat Montgomery

Charles Ray McDonald

Gunnison Watershed School District

Nancy Dean

Tiffanie Wick

Kate Magnus

Carolyn and Bill Reimer

 Cricket Farrington

Faith Magill

Ginger Albers

Ruth Rose

Diane and Sean McCormick

Joy Wills

Sharon and Jim Mendonca

Ronda Connaway

Steve and Debbie Williams

Vikki and Don Archuleta

Tricia and Michael Kalka

Nancy and Neil Kovach

Anne Coster

Katya Schloesser

Marla Lee Covey

Patti Gast

Sondra and Keith Donovan

Joe and Katie Dix

Debbe Weidler

Andrew Breibart

David Bright

Claire and Chris Mootz

Kathleen Cortner

Arthur and Paula Mears

FLIR Systems

Susan Petronio

David Gonzales

Elizabeth and Donald Janney

Kay Haddaway

Chris Damron

Fred and Carol Eyerman

Linda and Harv Rees

Charles and Gayle Berkoben

Bart and Sue Carbone

Linda and Joe Shipp

Mary Mataisz

Neil and Joan Windsor

Glenda Michaels

Mike Keith and Linda Battaglia

American Legion Rob Watters Post 54

Danica Coronacion

JoAnna Constantine

Carrie Weitzel

Nicholas Pompa

Betsy Garrett

Clark Nelson

Richard McNally

Sue Brix

Jane Deeken

Sarah Budden

Craig and Gayle Berkohert

Hedda Peterson

Paul Edwards and Julia Wilson

Cheryl Giordano

Randy and Paul Morgan

Jessica and Shea Earley

Lynn and T.L. Livermore

Local Music Community

Ryan Staude

Sharon Rouse

John Manville

Trudy Vader

Alysia Pearcy

Many Anonymous Donors

2021 Donors of Food and Services

Abbie Patton

Addie York

Alta Convenience Store 3850

Alysia Pearcy, Paragon Computers

Amanda Lucas

American Family Insurance

Andie and Mark Holman

Angelia Ricks

Angie Krueger

Arlene Fickel

Bonnie Thompson

Brad Dix

Brian Gilchrist

Bridgett Mcdermott

Bruce Gifford

Carrie Reinexe

Cathy Wilkens

Cheryl Henry

City Market Red Bucket Food Drive

City Market Store 419

Clark’s Market

Community Banks of Colorado

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

Corine Stag

Crested Butte Community Library Red Bucket Food Drive

Crested Butte News

Dan Bayner

Deb Callihan

Dennis Schock, H & R Block Red Bucket Food Drive

Diane McCormick

Donna Zaabadick

Eddie Garcia


Emily Cannon

Gaye Austin

Gayle Berkoben

Glenda Harper

Gunnison Church of Christ

Gunnison Community School

Gunnison Congregational Church

Gunnison Country Times

Gunnison High School National Honor Society

Gunnison Library Food for Fines

Gunnison Middle School Student Leadership Council

Gunnison Post Office

Gunnison Trails Growler Red Bucket Food Drive

Gunnison Vitamin and Health Food Store

Gunnison Watershed School District

Heather Glatiotes

Homestead Meats

Jen Champ, Champion Books

Jere Burwell

Joe Salmon

Jordan Karele

Jordan Pfannenstiel

Kaelyn Schultz

Karen Jensen

Kathy Baril

Kathy Thompson

Kathy Weber-Alt and A.J. Alt

Katie and Joe Dix

Leia Morrison

Lesley Logan, Mountain Rain

Linda and Harv Rees, KEJJ The Edge

Loretta Zaler

Lotus and Luna

Mario’s Pizza and Pasta

Matthew Maestas

Monty Jones

Mountain Oven Organic Bakery

Mountain Roots Food Project

Mountain Valley Distributors

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Red Bucket Food Drive

Nancy Dean

Parker Kell

Parker Pastures

Queen of all Saints Catholic Church Red Bucket Food Drive

Rachel New

Rebecca Stephenson

Rick Jagger

Safeway Store 617

Safeway Store 617 Red Bucket Food Drive

Sage Brown

Sandy O’Bannon

Secret Stash

Sheryl Henry

Six Points Thrift Store

Sodexo Campus Services

St. Mary’s Garage Red Bucket Food Drive

Stacie Dement

Steve Landry, Precision Automotive

Steven Horvath

Tenderfoot Child & Family Development Center

The Sanctuary Yoga Studio

Tracy and Lana Leonard

Walmart Store 1550

Many Anonymous Donors

The Pantry Heart Logo

Donors, you make a difference. Thank you.


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GCFP Donations
GCFP Donations
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