WCU Student Government donates to Pantry

Thank You Donors!

You make a big difference in our community!

“Thank you and God bless you.”

Food Pantry Recipient

Thank You Donors

On behalf of our Board and our volunteers, we would like to thank the many generous contributors to Gunnison Country Food Pantry.   We could not operate without your support!  Thank you for recognizing that our Pantry is an important component of our community.  We assure all of our donors that we are wise stewards with every dollar donated and every donation of food provided on behalf of those facing hunger in Gunnison County.

See our Donation page for information on how to donate to Gunnison Country Food Pantry.


Great Thanks to GCFP 2022 Donors

2022 Financial Donors

City of Gunnison

Gunnison Elks Lodge 1623

Bethany Baptist Church

Greater Toledo Community Foundation

Western Student Government Association

Gunnison Home Association


Joe and Katie Dix

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

Gunnison Country Times

Nick Waser and Mary Price

Ray and Kristin Hernandez

Stephania Timothy

Anne Michel

Andie and Mark Holman

I Bar Ranch

Mike and Stacey Shafer

Melissa Humphreys

Charles and Sherryl Peterson

Jacklyn Neill

John Dietrich, Water Operations Inc

Lisa Mapes

Ronald T. Goering and Imogene M. Bessett

Susan Christenson

Alexandra Cohen

Jerome Arthur Denton

Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

Kroger Co. Foundation

Michael Benedict

Tamara Williams

Church of the Good Samaritan Episcopal

Dara MacDonald

Becky and Ben (Benjamin) Paradee

Community Church of Gunnison

Lois and Wayne Oldham

Robin Baade

Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries

Vincent and Joanne Rogalski

Linda and Joe Shipp

Ronda Connaway

Peter Dennis Caloger

Wes and Benita Bellamy

Grace and Daniel Swansinger

Ken and Dana Henry

St Peter’s Catholic Church

Steve and Debbie Williams

Katalin Wolff

Bob Baumgarten

Marla and Greg Larson

Candi Borah

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Nancy and Neil Kovach

Nancy Dean

Tricia and Michael Kalka

Kate Magnus

Melody Van Boerum

Barbara and David Hyatt

Claire and Chris Mootz

David Klingsmith

Donalee Dunbar

John D. Cleeton

Katie and David Neben

Laird Cagan

Lawrence and Nancy Houston

Mark and Peggy High

Mike Keith and Linda Battaglia

Mr. and Mrs. Alpern

PEO Sisterhood Chapter

Sandy and Burt Guerrieri

Anne Coster

Sharon and Jim Mendonca

Debbie Weidler

Brenda Haase

Faye & Morris Levine

Marlys and Frank Buffington

Nicholas Pompa

Terence & Darla Riggan

Francis Owen and Cara Guerrieri

Barb Haas

Amy Weaver

Alysia Pearcy







2022 Donors of Goods and Services

5 Bs BBQ

Abbie Patton

Abby Partch


Absolute Miracles

Ace Hardware

Addie Halman

Addie York

Adrey Meeuwsin

Adventure Experiences

AJ Alt

Al Pryor

Alan Brooks

Alex Jackson

Ali Wolpern

Alicia Garner


Alpine Moving & Storage

Alta Convenience Store 3850

Alysia Pearcy, Paragon Computers

Alyssa Atzenbeck

Amanda Lucas

American Airlines

American Family Insurance

American Furniture Warehouse

American Legion Post 54

Amy Lockner

Andie and Mark Holman

Angela Camp

Angelia Ricks

Angie Krueger

Ann Hudson

Ann Moore

Anna Pagel


Antelope Creek Vending

Arden Anderson

Arlene Fickel

Arlene Kowal

Arrowhead Improvements Association and Arrowhead Fire Dept (AVFD)

Art Zimmer

Ashley Kumburis

Avalanche Bar and Grill

B J Woodward

Back at the Ranch Furniture

Back Country Café

Barb and Mike Lahradka, Gene Taylor’s Sporting Goods

Barbara Carroll

Barbara James

Barbara Oksanen

Barbara Ross

Becky Barkman

Ben Whittacher

Berkshire Hathaway Red Bucket Food Drive

Berta Plax

Bethany Baptist Church

Bethany Holton

Beverly Rossman

Bighorn Ranch

Bill Matthews

Bill Smith

Bill Waley

BK Bleakley

Blackstock Building Red Bucket Food Drive

Blane Hartman

Blue Mesa Marina

Blue Mesa Outpost Campground

Bob Hall

Bob Robinson

Bobbi Harper

Bonnie Thompson

Born for 4-H Club

Boy Scouts of America Troop 476

Brad Dix

Brad Dix and Ashley Akerlund

Bradley Creed

Brandy James

Bre Norris

Brenda Mayer

Brevor Gifford

Brian Gilchrist

Brian Ohlsen

Brian Snyder

Brian Wickenhauser, I Bar Ranch

Bridgett Mcdermott

Bruce and Illene Cranor

Bruce Gifford

Bubs Dorzweiler

Buff’s Collision

Bunko Club


Butch Clark

Camp 4 Coffee

Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado

Carla Fanciullo

Carla Marshall

Carol Greenlee

Carol Trautman

Caroline Long

Carrie Hicks

Carrie Reinexe

Casleton Ranch

Cathy Wilkens


Caulder Farms

CB Pole Pedal Paddle (Tiff Simpson)

CB South Farm

Char Moneypenny

Charlie Welch

Charmaine Clarke

Chelone Spritzer

Cheryl Coffey

Cheryl Henry

Children’s Trail Head Museum

Chris Brown

Chris Cappilucci

Chris George

Chris Mott

Chris Shurtleff

Chris Smith c/o Community Banks

Christina Robins

Christine Laudick

Christine Medina

Christy Strickland

Chuck Reynolds

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints Missionaries

Church of the Good Shepherd

Cindy Carr-Veiman

Cindy Filchner

Cindy Vale

Cindy Viehman

Cindy West

City Market Culture Committee

City Market Red Bucket Food Drive

City Market Store 419

Clarisa Taveras

Clark’s Market

Clea Greenawalt

Coal Creek Grill

Colby Deer

Colleen Hamon

Colorado Farm to Table

Colorado Food Alliance

Colorado Wildland Fire Academy

Colt and Jennifer Alton

Commodity Supplemental Food Program

Community Banks of Colorado

Community Church

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

Connie Guerrieri

Connie Rehberg

Connie Ritter

Conor Orchards

Corine Stag

Corner Cupboard

Country Clovers 4-H Club

Crested Butte Community Library Red Bucket Food Drive

Crested Butte Alley Hats

Crested Butte Avalanche Center

Crested Butte Center for the Arts

Crested Butte Community School

Crested Butte Farmers Market

Crested Butte Food Pantry

Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Crested Butte News

Crossfire Ministries

Cyndi Jenkins

Cyndi Whitney

Cyndi Wokersien

Cynthia Ruwald

Dallas Kilcommons

Dan Bayner

Dani Christ, Rocky Mountain Rose

Daniel Hoffman

Danielle Hawkins

Danny and Kerry Lefebvre, Mario’s Pizza & Pasta

Darin Biggins

Darla Durham

David Daum

David Kreft

Deanna Gamache

Deb Bruggeman

Deb Callihan

Deb Rudibaugh

Debbie Hagon

Debe Hancock

Deborah Ng

Debra Dykos

Dee Nichol

Deidre Fotesca

Dennis Schock, H & R Block Red Bucket Food Drive

Denver Post Charities

Diana Riddle

Diane and Fran Wickenhauser

Diane McCormick

Dina Obaid

Dogwood Bar and Grill

Doina Bejenaru

Don and Ruth McGuire

Donna Janks

Donna Wilkinson

Donna Zaabadick

Doreen Elam

Dos Rios Golf Course

Dot Himminghouse

Dottie Williams

Double Shot

Doug Kennedy

Dove Graphics

Dr. Jagger

Dru Yeager

Duane Miller

Dusto McGuinness

Ed Campbell

Eddie Garcia

Eddie Vargas

Edith Cantor

Edwin Fonster



Eliza Montano

Elizabeth Cranor

Elizabeth Fernandez

Elizabeth Gorvin

Elizabeth Lynn

Elk Avenue Prime Restaurant

Elk Creek Marina

Ellen Harriman

Elsie Nelson

Emily Cannon

Emily Kowal

Enrique Lopez

Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan

Eric Meyers

Erin Dalton

Erin Harrington

Ester Phaff

Etsy Ranch

Facebook Pottery

F-Bar Ranch

Feeding America

Fletcher Haver, CB South Country Store

Food 4 Kids

Fox in the Forest preschool

Frances Landfear

Francie and Allen Ivy, Open Your Eyes Gallery

Frank’s Deli

Fred Niederer, Alpha Mechanical Solutions

Fullmer’s Ace Hardware

Gail Sovick

Gale Peddit

Gale Pickett

Garlic Mikes

Gary Schondeck

Gaye Austin

Gayle Berkoben

Gayle Berkowist

Gene Hart

George Hill

Get Your Goat 4-H Club

Ghost Liquors

Ginger Turner

Girl Scouts

Glen Hutchison

Glenda Harper

Glenda Michaels

Good Semeritans

Grant Ponder

Grayson Davis

Greg Krauthapt


Gunnison Chamber of Commerce

Gunnison Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours

Gunnison Church of Christ

Gunnison Coffee Company

Gunnison Community School

Gunnison Congregational Church UCC

Gunnison Country Times

Gunnison County Democrats

Gunnison County Dept of Health and Human Services

Gunnison County Electric Association Employees

Gunnison County Employees

Gunnison County Multicultural Resources

Gunnison County Outfitters

Gunnison Crested Butte Regional Airport TSA

Gunnison Elks Ladies

Gunnison Family Dentistry

Gunnison Farmers Market

Gunnison Future Farmers of America

Gunnison High School

Gunnison High School Future Farmers of America

Gunnison High School Honor Society

Gunnison High School National Honor Society

Gunnison High School Student Leadership Council

Gunnison Housing Authority

Gunnison Lakeside RV Park

Gunnison Library Food for Fines

Gunnison Marketplace

Gunnison Middle School Community Service Plan

Gunnison Middle School Student Leadership Council

Gunnison Park Service

Gunnison Police Department

Gunnison Post Office Red Bucket Food Drive

Gunnison Trails Growler Food Drive

Gunnison True Value-Darnell Hardware

Gunnison Valley Airport

Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League

Gunnison Valley Homeschoolers

Gunnison Valley Hospital Foundation Red Bucket Food Drive

Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority

Gunnison Vitamin & Health Food Store

Gunnison Volunteer Fire Department

Gunnison Watershed School District

Gunnison Workforce Center

Gwen Pettit

Hale Yale

Hap Channell

Harmel’s Ranch Resort

Hayden Baker

Heads Group

Heather Glatiotes

Heidi and Kate Magnus, Firebrand Deli

Heidi and Peggy Foster

Heidi Burn

High Altitude Dance Academy

High Peaks Employees

Hinsdale County Health Dept

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Holly Karbo

Homestead Meats

Humanitarian Posse

HVM Security

IC Connex

Inez Light

Iola Farms

Jack poppe

Jackie Brady

Jackie Creed

Jackie Schuiler

Jackson Bailey

Jacob With, Law of the Rockies

Jacquelyn and Bradley Creed

James Loken

Jan and John Guerierri, F-Bar Catering and Processing

Jane Bolamperti

Jane Chaney

Jane Goodman

Jane Hamill

Janet Lyons

Janice McElroy

Jason Vader

Javier Mortensen

Javier Mortensen, Hwy 50 Produce Stand

Jay Miller

Jeanne Freidman

Jeff Peterman

Jen Champ, Champion Books

Jeni Rogers

Jenifer Pusey, Soladeria Soaps

Jennifer Floyd-Farr

Jennifer New


Jenny Daquila

Jere Burwell


Jerrie Lodato, Hope & Glory and Mountain Mist Floral

Jerry Burgess

Jerry Denton

Jessica Stevenson

Jessica Tullis Sylvanson

Jill Brown

Jo Callahan

Jo Laird

Joan Schafer

Joanne Stone

Joanne Wenmann

Jodi Payne

Joe Danni

Joe Marchini

Joe Salmon

John and Gus Messner

John Bolampert

John Brown and Scott Cline, High Alpine Brewery

John Holden

John Jordan

John Koch, Gunnison Ice

John Martin

John Parker

John Schmidt

John Steinert

John Zaabadick, Zaabadick Construction

Joni Reynolds

Jonni Webb

Jordan Karele

Jordan Pfannenstiel

Josh Buckel

Joy Wells

Juanita and Jim Stanly, B&B Printers

Judy and Brad Tutor, Turquoise Junction

Judy and Jim Barry

Judy Billings

Judy Boyd

Judy Gazzoli

Julie Hamilton

Julie Hatfield

Julie Katheiser

Julie Towsley

June Archuleta

Junebugs Children’s Boutique

Junny Harren

Kaelyn Schultz

Kane Wilkerson

Kara Buckley

Kara Cunningham

Karen Edstrom

Karen Immerso

Karen Jensen

Kate and Geoff Oros, Mocha’s

Kate Clark

Kate Haverkampf, Tassinong Farms

Kathie Lucas

Kathleen Curry

Kathleen Howell

Kathleen Lee

Kathy Ashwood

Kathy Baril

Kathy Carr

Kathy Coleman

Kathy Herrera

Kathy Higgins

Kathy Howel

Kathy Jones

Kathy Powell

Kathy Seitz

Kathy Thompson

Kathy Walker

Kathy Weber-Alt and A.J. Alt

Kathy Wilkins

Kathy Winslow

Katie and Joe Dix

Katie Weber

Kay Deleeuw

Kay Gentry

Kay Patterson

KBUT Community Radio

Keller Williams Realty, Crested Butte

Kelly Osness, Treads ‘N’ Threads

Ken and Kathy Ashwood

Ken Coleman

Ken Shipley

Kenia Devalos

Kevin Sack

Kim Barz

Kim Cooper

Kirsten Dickey, OffCenter Designs

Krista Richardson

Kristin Romano

KW Restoration

Kyleena Falzone, Bonez

Kyleena Falzone, Secret Stash Pizza

Kyleena Falzone, Secret Stash Pizza

Lake City Resort

Lake School

Larry and Ruth Dolezal

Laura Brooks

Laura Detlefsen

Laura Hanks

Laura Jo Ceramics

Laura Meredith

Laura Puente

Laura Tomcek

Laurene Farley

Laurie Gery

League of Women Voters of the Gunnison Valley

Leia Morrison

Leighton Moore

Leland Anderson

Les White

Lesley Logan, Mountain Rain

Letter Carriers for Gunnison County

Li Ye

Libby Mountford

Linda and Harv Rees, KEJJ The Edge

Linda and Joe Shipp

Linda Blackwood

Linda Hughes

Linda Jones

Linda Mewsem

Linda Mladenka

Linda Pitt

Linda Shipman

Lindsey Browder

Lisa Holland, Zen Books, LLC

Lisa Strickland

Lisbeth Carter

Little Red School House

Living Journeys

Liz Fransico

Loretta Zaler

Lotus and Luna

Luke Martin

Luke Shumacher

Lyndie Kenton

Lynn Summer

Lyon’s Lock and Safe Inc.

Mad Jack’s

Maggie Guerrieri

Main Place

Malynn Dale

Margaret Morgan

Marilee Gotsch

Marilyn Dunbar

Mark Reaman and Diane Markowitz

Mark Ritter

Mark Waltermier, Thistle Whistle Farm

Marlene Zanatelle

Marlys and Frank Buffington

Marsha Collins

Martha Tripp

Mary Bunt

Mary Burt

Mary Jo Schumacher

Mary Lou Ogden

Mary Rictor

Maryette Rogers

Maryo Ewell and George Sibley

Mathew Maestes, Maestes Distributing

Matt Frey

Matthew LeBlanc

Matthew Maestas

Maureen Cook

McCall Hocking


Mechaela Lundesy

Megan Burney

Megan Lahat

Meriadith McMannus

Mesa Campground

Michael Salat

Michele Geister

Michelle Veltei

Michelle Wilk

Mickey Sampson

Microsoft 365

Mike Callihan

Mike Formanek

Mike Keith

Mimi Archuleta

Miranda Fennewald

Molly Childerson

Molly Darbr

Monty Jones

Morgan Didlake

Morgan Milmore and Andrew Huntsberry

Morgan Moler

Morrison Tile & Ston

Mountain Earth Organic Grocer

Mountain Oven Organic Bakery

Mountain Roots Food Project Backyard Harvest

Mountain Store for Children

Mountain Valley Distributors

Mountain West Ins.

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

Nancy and Bud Bush, Bluebird Realty

Nancy Carlson

Nancy Dean

Nancy Gauss

Nancy Goodrich

Nancy Klifman

Nancy McMurray

Nancy Wicks

Narcissa Channell

Natalie Duke (Studio 111)

Natalie Halliday

Natelle Jackson

Neil Kovach

Neil Windsor

Neita Orminston

New Life Chiropractic

Nick Ferraro (Orr)

Nick Noble

Nona Peachey

Norm Artas

Nuvista Credit Union

Oh Be Joyful Dog Run

Oh Be Joyful Youth Group

Ol’ Miner Steakhouse

Old Town Inn

Olivia Lopez

Order of the Eastern Star, Waunita No. 37 Chapter

Pam Christian

Parker Construction

Parker Kell

Parker Pastures

Pat Lazerus

Pat McWain

Patrick Vigil

Patsy Garmany

Patty Hall

Paul Brown

Paul Williams

Pauline Simillion

Peg Eastman

Peggy Miller

Pete Glatiotis

Peter Hogan

Physio-Therapy Association

Pie-Zans New York Style Pizza

Pitkin Fire Department

Pitkin Fish Hatchery

Pitkin Residents

Polly Oberosler

Polly Vernard

Powderhorn Community Association

Precision Automotive

Project Hope

Queen of all Saints Catholic Church Food Drive

Rachel Moheban

Rachel New

Rachel Woelk

Ralph Clark

Ranchers and Sportsmen for the Hungry

Randy and Paul Morgan

Raquel Jack

Ray Rossman

Rebecca Stephenson

Renata Sieck

Renee Haimt

Resliency Project

Rhonda Brown

Rich Huss

Richard Harper

Richard Hight

Rick Jagger

Rick Mahaffey

Rick Nelson Agency, American Family Insurance

Rick Vigil

Rita Bohn and Bob Wojtko

Rita Merrigan

Robert Esquibel

Robert Valdez

Robin Jones

Robin Palmer

Rockin CJ Ranch

Rocky Mountain Cannabis

Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries

Ron Malone

Ronda Pierce

Ronnie Gerrity

Rooted Apothecary

Roots Rx

Rose Foley

Rosemary Campbell

Rotary Club of Gunnison

Ruby Mau ey


Russell Stover Chocolates

Ruth Macdona

Ruth McGuire

Ruth Rose

Ryan and Vicki Johnson, Sign Guys & Gal

Ryan Funes

Safeway Red Bucket Red Bucket Food Drive

Safeway Store 617

Sage Brown

Sahari McCormick

Sam Shelafo

Sandi Svlivar

Sandy Gantt, SRG Bookkeeping LLC

Sandy O’Bannon

Sandy Parker


Scott Morrill

Scott Ziemba

Senior Care Center Employees

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Shane Guerrieri

Sharon Cave

Sharon Deetz

Sharon Dickson

Sharon Hecker

Sharon Herrera

Sharon Schlegel

Shawn Mast

Sheri Shortridge

Sherry Redden, Redden’s Fresh Eggs

Sheryl Henry

Six Points Thrift Store and Training Center

Sodexo Campus Services



St Peter’s Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Garage

Staci Ohagan

Stacie Dement

Stacy Cline

Stacy Hamontree

Star Vargas


Stephanie Harvey

Stephanie Russel

Stephen Hattendorf

Steve Barnett

Steve Landry, Precision Automotive

Steve Ryan

Steve Schecther and Lyda Hardy

Steve Secofsky

Steve Shecter

Steven Horvath

Stice & Associates

Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Studio CB, Inc.


Sue Bartsch

Sue Mikkelsen

Sue Noreen

Sue Rogers

Sue Runge-Glass

Sue Steppe

Sue Stuppy

Sunset Oasis

Susan Christenson

Susan McIntosh

Susan Teal and Bill O’Rourke, Tomichi Cycles

Susan Wyman, Gunnison Gardens

Susanne O’Baid

Sussman Photography Studio

Suzann Formaz

Suzanne Hadley

Sylvia Bonham

Take Five Chair Massage

Tammy Span

Tanya Fry

Tanya Santiago

Tatianna Saunders

Taylor Park Trading Post

Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program

Tenderfoot Child & Family Development Center

Teresa Anderson, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices & Today Realty

Terisa Smelker

Terri Weber

Terry Brown

The Guild Café

The Paper Clip

The Ruby B & B

The Sanctuary Yoga Studio

Theresa Tranton

Thistle Whistle Farms

Thomas Rutherford

Three Rivers Resort

Tim Mobley

Tin Cup Community Chapel

Tina Dehmlow

TL Livermore, Pat’s Screenprinting Studio

Todd Barnes, Avalanche Bar & Grill

Todd Huckabee

Tom Donkinson

Tony Cecere

Tony Egan

Tony Smith

Tourism Foundation

Tova Cooper

Tracy and Lana Leonard

Tracy Borden

Tracy Coleman

Travis Underwood and Lisa Cramton, Chopwood Mercentile

Tribuary Coffee Roasters

Trish Kalka

Trish White

Trudy Orr

Turtle Fur

Underdog Rescue

United Congregational Church of Crested Butte

Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District

USPS Gunnison

Vail Resorts

Valerie Hoagland

Vicki Curricate

Vikki and Don Archuleta

Virginia Foark

Visionary Broadband

W Café

Walmart Store 1550

Walt Beron

Walter Barron

Wanda Reed

Wayne and Vicky Castka, Spin a Christmas Tale

Waynnie Santur

WCU Basketball Team

WCU Ceramics Class

WCU Club: Ebb & Flow

WCU Diversity Club

WCU Honor’s Society


WCU Residence Life, RA Assocation Red Bucket Food Drive

WCU School of Business

WCU Sociology Club

WCU University Center

WCU Women’s Hockey Club

WCU Women’s Rugby Club

Wendy Boardman

Wendy Elkins

West Elk Classic

Western Lumber

Western Meditation Group

Western Organics Guild

Western Slope Fire & Safety

Westside Apples

Will and Jane Barbitski

William Martin

William NeidigWilliam Weaver

Yoga Coop

Young Guns 4-H Club

Yvette Roberts

Yvonne Dorzweiler



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