Western Colorado University STudent Government - Thank you so much for your support to help feed our community!

Thank You Donors

You make a big difference in our community!

Thank You Donors

On behalf of our Board and our volunteers, we would like to thank the many generous contributors to Gunnison Country Food Pantry.   We could not operate without your support!  Thank you for recognizing that our Pantry is an important component of our community.  We assure all of our donors that we are wise stewards with every dollar donated and every donation of food provided on behalf of those facing hunger in Gunnison County.

See our Donation page for information on how to donate to Gunnison Country Food Pantry.


Great Thanks to GCFP 2023 Donors

“If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.”

— Bono

2023 Financial Donors

AJ and Kathy Weber Alt

Albertsons Companies Foundation

Alecsandra Truninger Hanley

All Saints in the Mountains Episcopal Church

Alpha Mechanical Solutions LLC

Alternative Gifts International

Amanda Skaja

Amy Brooks

Amy Ellwein

Andie and Mark Holman

Andrew and Gail Sovick

Andrew Breibart

Andrew Nill

Andrew Null

Ann Landwehr

Anne & Michael Crowley

Anne Coster

Anne Michel

Anschutz Family Foundation

Arlene and Jerry Kowal

Art Hayes

Barb Robinson

Barbara Adams

Barbara Amstutz

Barbara Klingman

Barry Vogt

Bart and Sue Carbone

Becky and Ben Paradee

Becky and Joe Williams

Bernard and Ann Goldberg

Bethany Baptist Church

Betty Bateson

Bill and Lenni Burke

Bluebird Charitable Fund

Bob Gillie

Bob Schoen

Bob Wojtko and Rita J. Bohn

Boettcher Foundation

Bonnie Farnell

Brenda Kaffenberger

Brittney Hoots

Bud  and Karen Najvar

Buff’s Collision Specialists

Candi Borah

Carley Seale

Carmen Bell

Carole and David White

Carolyn and Jim Dicesare

Carolyn and Phil Virden

Carolyn Malone

Carrie Gumbar

Chad Reich

Chapter GY PEO Sisterhood

Charles and Gayle Berkoben

Charles and Judy Welch

Charles and Sherryl Peterson

Chris Ray

Christine and Kurt Portwich

Christine Holbrook

Christopher and Angela Layne

Christopher Klein Construction, Inc.

Christopher Wilson

Church of the Good Samaritan Episcopal

Cindy Foster

City of Gunnison

Collin and Amelia Siberz

Colorado Food Assistance Grant

Colorado River Water Conservation District

Community Banks of Colorado

Community Church of Gunnison

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

Connie Guerrieri

Constance Rudd

Crested Butte Ace Hardware

Dan and Julie Charitable Fund

Danial Kohler

Daniel Hodgman

Daniel Sapienza

Dara MacDonald

David and Desiree Miller

David and Lezlie Hudiburg

David Gray

Deanna Ridgway

Debbe Weidler

Debra Reich

Denise Hawk


Deno Stelter

Diana and Fran Wickenhauser

Diane and Sean McCormick

Don and Ann Ripley

Don Haver Donor Advised Fund

Donald Farrar

Donna A Cerza

Donna Rozman

Dorothy Dellefave

Doug Duryea

Duffy Family Foundation

Dustin Cordova

Dusto McGuinness

Edward Jones, Region 20

El Pomar Foundation

Ellen Harriman

Emily Cannon

Emily Henkel

Eric Freson

Erik Jordan

Erin McKenzie and Daniel Bruce

Evans Clements

Eveline Woloszko

Farmers Insurance – Christopher Layne

Folding for Food

Fred Garth

Fullmer’s Ace Hardware

Gabrielle Kellman

Galen and Nancy Houston

Garlic Mike’s

Glenda Michaels

Gordon Moore

Grace Ransler

Grace Thurlow

Greater Toledo Community Foundation

Gregory and Emma Chase

Gregory Larder and Courtney Lange

Gregory Smith

Gunnison Bank & Trust Company

Gunnison Car Club

Gunnison Congregational Church

Gunnison County

Gunnison Elementary School Student Leadership Club

Gunnison Elks Lodge 1623

Gunnison Gallery

Gunnison High School National Honor Society

Gunnison Home Association

Gunnison Poker Group

Gunnison Savings and Loan

Gunnison Valley Health

Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority

Gunnison Watershed School District RE-1J

Hasche Family Donor Fund

Heather Janelle

Heather Malcolm

Howard Cline

Ian and Kimberley Wrisley

Irwin Backcountry Guides

Isabel Franklin and Nancy Gibson

Jack and Eileen Hughes

Jack and Mary Blake

James Foster

James Perrin Quarles

Jamie Carroll

Jamie Elsasser

Jan Parker and Marcel Medved

Jane Deeken

Janelle Crowe

Janet and Phil Crossley

Jean Almgren

Jean G Whittaker

Jeff Stanely

Jennifer Bickford

Jennifer Reeb

Jenny Schuster

Jered and Robin Wilkinson

Jerome Arthur Denton

Jessie Weaver

Jill Stahlnecker

Jodi Payne

Joe and Katie Dix

Joe and Susan Ziluca

John & Mary Lavelle

John D Cleeton

John H. Harmon, Jr. and Jane H. Harmon Foundation

Jonathan Holton

Jorge Escalante

Junie and Wanda Herron

Jyll Scott

Karen Atha Dunn

Karen Hardy

Katalin Wolff

Kate Magnus

Katherine A. Meyer

Katherine Norgard

Kathleen Cortner

Kathleen Fogo

Katie and David Neben

Kay Branum

Kelly Williams

Ken Henry

Kent and Leslie Miller

Kim and Craig Cooper

Kim Puchek

Kimberly Schappert

Kooler Garage Doors

Kowal Construction

Laird Cagan

Laura Caplan

Laura Osborne and Brian Benson

Laurie and Dan Goetz Family Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Lawrence and Annie Blatt

Les White

Leslie Perrot

Linda and Joe Shipp

Lois and Wayne Oldham

Lookout Tower

Loyd Wisozk

Luka Olmstead

Luke Hopkins

Lynn Cudlip

MacAllister Family Fund

Madi Welsh

Maggie and Steve Guerrieri

Maia Jourgensen

Margaret Wacker

Maria Escalante

Mariangela Sandroni

Marilyn Phillips

Mark and Mary Jo Schumacher

Mark and Nancy Leonard

Mark and Peggy High

Marla and Greg Larson

Marlys and Frank Buffington

Martha and Harley Tripp

Martha Watson Violett

Marvin and Joanne Morris

Mary and Steven Bunt

Mary Ann and John Tarr

Mary Poole and Laird Cagan

Mary Sawyer

Maryo Ewell and George Sibley

Matt Aronson

Matthew Ebbott

Matthew Feier

Melinda Hulm

Michael Bell

Michael Benedict

Michael Collins

Michael Sampliner

Michelle and Mike Truly

Mike and Stacey Shafer

Mile High United Way

Mill Creek Ranch

Molly Mugglestone

Monarch Realty, Inc.

Moore Family Charitable Foundation

Mountain Earth

Mountainside Bookkeeping

Myrna Schneider

Nancy and Neil Kovach

Nancy Dean

Nancy Ruehle

Narcissa and Hap Channell

Neil and Joan Windsor

Nicholas Pompa

Nora and Richard Ricci

Osage Initiatives Jane Prancan

Pam and Mark Hatcher

Patrice and Eric Streicher

Paul and Joy Adams

Paul Tomich


Peak to Peak Rallye, LLC

PEO Sisterhood Chapter AN

PEO Sisterhood Chapter HK

Peter and Katharine Winograd

Philip Berggren

Philip Spiers

Pickleball Club

Porsche of Colorado Springs

Rachel Meissner

Rachel New

Randy and Paul Morgan

Randy Sackett

Rebecca and Charles Wilkins

Richard Tocher and Julie Vlier Fund

Richard W Harper

Roberta Davis

Robin Baade

Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries

Rocky Mountain Health Foundation

Roger and Amelia Rolfe

Ron Malone

Ronda Connaway

Rotary Club of Gunnison

Ryan Downing

Ryan Link

S.A. Somrak

Sandra and Richard Karas

Sara D Richie

Sara Mattes

Schmueser Gordon Meyer

Scott and Teri Winget

Scott Mathewson

Selina Dickens

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Sharen Neale

Sharon and Jim Mendonca

Sharon Ann Farrington

Shary L Templeton

Shelley Read

Shondeck Financial Services and Insurance

Sonda and Kevin Donovan

Sonja Chavez

Sonya Parisian

St Peter’s Catholic Church

Steve Secofsky

Steven Voet and Margaret Alcock

Susan and Alan Leach

Susan and Mike Ritchey

Susan Anderson

Susan Christenson

Susan Pisano

Tamara Williams

Tammy Shelafo

The Almont Resort – Elk Ave Prime

The Colorado Trust

The Dehaemers Family Charitable Trust

The Hyatt Family Trust

The Paper Clip

The Rodman Fund

The Ronald T Goering and Imogene M Bessett Charitable Fund

The Stern and McLean Family Fund

Thomas Alford

Tim Nerhood

Tin Cup Community Chapel

Toby and Sylvia Bonham

Town of Crested Butte

Town of Mt. Crested Butte

Tricia and Michael Kalka

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc

Truettner Family Foundation

USDA Rural Development

Vail Resorts Charitable Fund

Vikki and Don Archuleta

Vincent and Joanne Rogalski

Virginia Walton

Walmart Foundation

Warren Halpern

WCU Lead

Wes and Benita Bellamy

Western Colorado University

William B. Endner Fund

William Hamilton and Jacqueline Bird

William Mathews

Wm A & Elizabeth B Moncrief Foundation

Zachar Buckley Charitable Fund

Gunnison Country Food Pantry groceries featuring a fish, wheat, milk, beet, and pear.

Donors, you make a difference. Thank you.


A donation check is happily being given to GCFP Pantry Manager, Angie Krueger.
GCFP Donations
A boy and man unload red bucket food donations at the Pantry while both giving thumbs ups.
GCFP staff smiles and stands in front of the Food Pantry holding a donation together.