About Board 2022

Board of Directors

Gunnison Country Food Pantry Board of Directors offer leadership, direction, governance, and oversight.

“Before I contribute to an organization, I look to see if 100% of its Board of Directors have given.  I enthusiastically support Gunnison Country Food Pantry.”  

Maryo Ewell


GCFP Board of Directors


GCFP Board of Directors offers leadership, direction, governance, and oversight.  Anyone is welcome to participate in meetings. Please call the Executive Director at (970) 641-4156 or email Director@GunnisonFoodPantry.org to inquire about meeting arrangements and so that time may be allotted to address your concerns and confidential personnel issues may be excluded from the agenda.

Tracy Leonard, President
January 2019 through December 2022

Katie Dix, Vice President
Term: January 2019 through December 2022

Benita Bellamy, Secretary
Term: October 2020 through September 2023

The Pantry Heart LogoKen Henry, Treasurer
Term: May 2021 through April 2024

Linda Shipp, Director
Term: March 2019 through December 2022

Steve Secofsky, Director
Term: September 2021 through September 2024

Jodi Payne, Executive Director
Term: October 2021 through October 2024

Non-Voting Member
Angie Krueger, Pantry Manager