Director, Jodi Payne, hands out a box for food donations.

Food Donations

We gladly accept non-perishable and perishable food.

Donations are needed!

Donations of all sorts, including food, monetary donations, and volunteer time are gladly accepted.

Jodi and Sam of the Gunnison Country Food Pantry Dress up as Red Buckets for a food drive.

Red Bucket Food Drive

Want to host a Red Bucket Food Drive at your place of business, work, worship, or between family and friends? Contact Angie, the Pantry Manager, or call the Pantry to get a Red Bucket at your location. Community members who participate in local food drives help provide variety and dignity to Pantry guests. Always consider what you or your family would enjoy when filling up a Red Bucket!


Donations Monetary

Food Pantry Drop Off

Donation drop-off times:

  • Monday 8a-4p
  • Tuesday 9a-11a
  • Wednesday 8a-7p
  • Thursday 8a-2p
  • Friday 9a-11a

If you are unable to come during one of these times, please contact us and we will schedule a time to meet you.

Gunni Packs

Most Needed Items

  • Protein
  • Shelf stable items,
  • fresh fruit, and vegetables are in high demand.

GCFP can accept whole, uncut produce as well as any food that is unopened and in the original packaging with a clear use by, sell by, freeze by, or stamped date. Preferably with ingredients and allergen declaration label.

Food Donation Guidelines

BE SAFE- Food Safety Guidelines for Donors

See GCFP’s Food Safety Guidelines for donated food. Learn how the Good Samaritan Act protects food donors and recipient organizations from liability.

Good Samaritan Act

USDA Food Safety Information

GCFP Safe Food Donation Guidelines (PDF)

“In a world where one-third of all edible food never makes it to the mouths of the hungry, we all have an individual moral responsibility to do our part.”

— Madeleine Albright

Donors stand by their large Red Bucket Food Drive Donation of many boxes and buckets of food.
GCFP Donations Food Drive
GCFP Donations Food Drive
Donations and Food Drives