GCFP volunteers and Staff holding a large Mario's Pizza and a sign that says, "Thank You! Marios!"

Thank You In-Kind Donors

In-kind donations really make our day!

GCFP appreciates the supporters that help us in many generous ways.

2023 In-Kind Donors

Marios Pizza and Pasta
Visionary Broadband

4H Cattlemen’s

5B’s Barbecue

AJ and Kathy Alt

Allen Morris

Allison Dages

Andie Sovick

Andrea Amrick

Andres Escoban

Angie Krueger

Annie Parr

Arby’s Fast-Food Restaurant

Arlene Kowal

Bethany Baptist Church

BK Bleakley

Blue Sky Mercantile-Formerly Wilder’s Organic Market

Brian Zappala

Cake Me Away

Camp 4 Coffee

Carol Bennett

Carol Van Dyke

Cary-Jean Long

Cathy Wilkens

Cattlewomen Association

CC’s Burger

Celina Seitz

Cherryl Crews

Chris Brown

Chris Clugston

Chris Klein

Christine Spiers

Cindy and Dan Kennedy

Cindy West

Clear Skies Marketing Group

Coffee Trader

Colorado Nonprofit Association

Colt and Jennifer Alton

Connie Guerreri

Courtney Harlo

Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Crested Butte one 11

Critter Sitters

Crystal Cobb

Dale Briels

Daryl Davis

Deanna Bobkin

Deb and Mike Callihan

Dennis Spritzer

Diana Riddle

Diane and Fran Wickenhauser

Dianna Harris

DK Hawk

Donita Bishop

Donna Zaabadick

Dos Rios Golf Course

Dottie Williams

Ebbott Education Enterprises

Edgar Villaneava

Emily Cannon


Enrique Rosario

Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan

Eve Smith

Evelyn Roper

Fed Ex


Frank Dickinson

Frenchy’s Café

Fullmer’s Ace Hardware

Gail Sovick

Gayle Berkoben

Gayle Bernarde

Gloria Besecker

Good Samaritain Episcopal Church

Grey Frymoyer

Gunni Grinder

Gunnison Abstract

Gunnison Country Outfitters

Gunnison County Dept of Health and Human Services

Gunnison Elementary School

Gunnison High School Honor Society

Gunnison High School Volleyball

H & R Block

Hawane Clarke

Helen Allen

High Altitude Dance Academy

Holly Halter

Homestead Hut

IBar Ranch

Janet Turner

Javier Mortensen

Jeanine Kenyon

Jen Alton

Jen Champ, Champion Books

Jenni Dixon

Jessica Noll

Joe Epps

Joe Falaska

John Baxter

John Jordan

Joseph Baker

Julia Marcuzzo

Kathleen Cortner

Kathy Amen Design

Kathy Carr

Kathy Derry

Kathy Norgard

Kathy Wilkins

Katie and Joe Dix

KEJJ The Edge

Kirk Buttermore

Lake Preschool

Laurie Gery

Law of the Rockies

Libby Martin

Lighthouse Pregnancy Center

Lisa Tuthill

Little Red School House

Lookout Dispensary

LouEllen Coker

Magdaleno Diaz

Margaret Miller

Mario’s Pizza

Mario’s Pizza & Pasta

Marla Larson

Martha Gilespe

Marv Koleis

Mary Kay and Joe Osborn

Mary Nordberg

Maryns Wis

Melissa Stewart

Microsoft 365

Mike Dawson and Heidi Sherratt

Mindy Costanco

Mineral Mountain Outfitters

Misty Sponable

Monty Jones

Morgan Raspanti

Morman Church

Mountain Oven Organic Bakery

Mountain Rain Company

Mountain Roots Food Project Backyard Harvest

Mountain Village Apartments

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

Myma Schneider

Nancy Houston

Natalia Lindres

OffCenter Designs

Ohio City Fire Department

Pam East

Paragon Computers

Parker Pastures

Pat Vigil

Patsy Lea

Patty Turner

Paul Foreman

Paul Williams

Pawsitively Native Pet Boutique

Peak Valley Employees

Pickle Ball Club

Pitkin Fish Hatchery

Project Hope

Raber Painting LLC

Redden’s Fresh Eggs

Robbie Robinson

Robert Colliau

Robert Pagan

Robin Schellenberg

Rocky Mountain Cannabis

Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries Center

Rotary Club of Gunnison

Roxy Rule

Samantha Shelafo

Sara Kaufman

Scott Schlegel

Secret Stash Pizza


Shane Cox

Sharon Hecker

Shawn Williams

Shelley Dunn

Signature Properties

Sodexo Campus Services

Sol Food Gardens Sierra Fairfield Smith

St. Peters Catholic Church

Staci Ohagan

Standard Tire

Star Vargas

Steve Naase

Steve Schecther and Lyda Hardy

Steve Secofsky

Stumbling Moose Lodge

Susan Christenson

Susan Leach

Tammy and Paul WilliamsT

Tammy Shelafo

Taylor Worsham

The Dispensary

Three Rivers

Tin Cup Church

Tina Fabulic

Tom Harmon

Tractor Supply

Tracy Coleman

Trish Hamlin

Vegan Food Truck

Virginia Walton

Visionary Broadband

WCU Athletic Club

WCU Day of Service

Western Lumber, Inc

Wonderland Nature School

“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t.”

— Jeff Bridges

A donation check is happily being given to GCFP Pantry Manager, Angie Krueger.
GCFP Donations
A boy and man unload red bucket food donations at the Pantry while both giving thumbs ups.
GCFP staff smiles and stands in front of the Food Pantry holding a donation together.