A volunteer lady holding a cantaloupe and bananas at the Gunnison Country Food Pantry.

About Us

Gunnison Country Food Pantry is here to serve all our neighbors in the Gunnison Valley.

Assisting Gunnison County residents in times of need.


Food insecurity, defined by the US Department of Agriculture as limited availability or uncertain ability to acquire nutritionally adequate or safe foods, can strike any one of us during hard times.  Some only need temporary assistance, while others may become long-term patrons of the Food Pantry. The Pantry assists all Gunnison County residents during their time of need.

The only requirement to receive Pantry services is to fill out an application annually. No proof of income, residency, or identification is necessary.

Want to learn more about GCFP’s mission, vision, goals, and objectives? Review our strategic plan.

Gunnison Country Food Pantry groceries featuring a fish, wheat, milk, beet, and pear.


Volunteers pack Thanksgiving dinners