Pantry Tribute


We are honored to receive donations in the name of these very special people.

In Memory of

Anne Miller

Jeanie Melkner

Jean Ashly


Peter Carbone

Ronda Connaway

Lori Darcy

Spencer Fickel

Martha Gentry

Elizabeth Jean McGlonem

Mikey Helmbrecht

Okie and Sandy Mark

Jim Oates

Michael Wilson



In Honor of

Anne LaVelle

Nancy Dean

Beth Silbergleit

Dennis Trujillo

Katie Dix’s Birthday

Marj O’Reilly and Charles Coughlin’s Wedding

Helen Marshall

David and Bonnie Weekley

Kathy Norgard and Al Vogel’s 80th Birthday

Katie and Joe Dix

Perri Pelletier and the Girls

Doug and Debra Reich

Pam and Peter Esselstyn

Dave Scheefer


Donors, you make a difference. Thank you.


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