Q: How do I qualify for the pantry’s assistance?

Salmon-demoA:  All we require is that you are a resident of Gunnison County and that you are willing to sit down with a manager for a confidential interview to assess your situation to be able to help you at your point of need.  Please stop by the pantry, call, text, or e-mail us to get started.


Q: My friend or neighbor needs assistance but is unable to come to the food pantry. Can we pick up food on their behalf?

A: Of course. We only ask that your friend or neighbor call us in advance so we can accommodate their need and prepack food.


Q: Do you provide food for individuals with restricted diets?

A: Yes, we can help if you have a food allergy or otherwise restricted diet. However, we only have limited supplies so please call us prior to picking up your food so we can try to accommodate your need.


Q: Do you deliver food?

A: Yes, we can deliver food to you if you have trouble leaving your home because of illness or mobility problems.  Just call and arrange the delivery in advance.


Q: What if my friend or neighbor needs assistance but doesn’t understand English?

A: We do provide translation services. Non-English speakers can contact the Director of Gunnison County Multicultural Resources Office Ellen Pedersen at 970-641-7999 to learn more about pantry services.

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